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Madoka und Maki Sugihara, 2009

Von: „Madoka Sugihara“
Datum: 16. April 2011 02:15:18 MESZ
An: „Helene Pilz“
Betreff: Re: Answer to your Letter

Dear Helene,

Thank you so much for your warm and kind e-mail letter. Your words encourage us so much as you not intend. Tohoku area suffere by TSUNAMI including Fukushima power station is still under miserable, serious condition. But, now, whole Japanese people know all people in the world try to give us their help and we can come to here we can believe to get out of this confusion asap. Sorry the time is nt enough, I try to reply soon later again. Thank you.
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From: Helene Pilz
To: madoka
Sent: Friday, April 15, 2011 3:49 PM
Subject: Answer to your Letter

Dear Madoka,

Thank you for your Letter in which you described how sorrowful  you Must handle the Bad Situation. Every Day we Listen to the News Coming from Japan. We are glad to hear that your Family is o.k. We are sorry that we cannot do more for you As to say that our thouhts are with you.We were told that you are able to help your daughter and this are very positive News.
I try to send you a Foto showing Lygia with her Sons  myself and my Husband.The Foto was Shot when my Husband had bis birthday Celebration (85).
With all our Love to you and your Family
Helene ( Mother of Lygia)

29. März 2011

Dear Lygia,
I  thank you so much for you and your mother.
I’m so happy to get your mother’s mail.
Happy ! Happy !
You are happy to have a nice mother.
I want to be an old woman like her.

Sorry not to send a mail to you.
I was busy.I’m a fire fighter(?)
We have much work for the victims.

Now I can send things to Maki happily.
Ibaraki pref. where she lives is next to Fukushima pref..
She is difficult to buy milk, natto(Japanese food.fermented soybeans), tofu(Japanese food.bean curd),rice,toilet paper….
I sent rice and vegetables….
Tomorrow  I’ll send milk,tofu,etc..
In Tokyo people can’t buy rice, milk, bread,paper,water.
So I sent them to my some friends.
Strangely, even here in my town, there are little convenience food in supermarkets now.
We and buy only one rice bag(10 kg.),one bread(5 or 6 sleces)  one toilet paper per person.
People stock up for themselves?

I’ll write to you again.

Thank you , Lygia. Thank you!

With All my Love ,

Datum: 19. März 2011 15:10:49 MEZ
Betreff: Thank you so much!

Dear Helene and Eduard,
I am so happy to get your mail.
My daughters are too afraid of earthquakes.
Still they have big earthquakes every day.
Tonight They have one,too. Immediately I tried to call them. But I couldn’t.
So many people tried to talk on the phone. Panic!
I want to send food , vegetables,,,,to them as soon as possible.
I am so sad not to be able to do anything for them as their  mother.
Thank you very much for your kind mail .
Maki also will happy to know your mail.
Take care of yourself!
with  Love

18 03 2011:

Ai lives in Tokyo.
They need more electricity.

Sorry I am so tired.
I had meeting for fire this night.
I’ll send a mail tomorrow.

Thank you so much every day!!

17 03 2011

Dear Lygia,
Today I tried to send food and vegetables  to Maki again.
But I couldn’t.
Tomorrow is her birthday.
Her city Tsukuba in Ibaraki  pref. has many researches.
She has no work this week.
Next week her city will need much electricity.
Today her mail of cellphone : A little food and vegetable is in supermarkets.
Tomorrow we can get more food,perhaps.
We need gasoline.
In Tsukuba ,people need cars for work and shopping.
In Tokyo, there are many trains.And people must pay much money for parking.
So people don’t need cars.
In Japan it’s cold now.(Usually in March it’s more warm.)
Outside here we can see snowing  a little.
Even while I am writing a mail for you, Maki and Ai have some earthquakes.
They   are needed electric power cut every day even night.
They are cold . Miserable!

Thank you,
with Love     Madoka

p.s. Still over 15000 people are not found.Where are they?  Where are vilages?

Am 14.03.2011 um 13:34 schrieb Madoka Sugihara:

Dear Lygia,
Maki and Ai thank you so much,too.
Maki had no work today.
Her office(research) is  still in bad condition.
In Tsukuba like Tokyo, they haven’t yet been served with electricity.
It’s still difficult for Maki to get water.
In supermarkets, there are no food.
I went to buy vegetables and other food to send Maki today.
But sadly, I couldn’t send them.
Home-deliverly service doesn’t work.
Only relief to the earthquake victims is OK.
Maki is Victim!
Tomorrow I’ll try.
(Still over 15000 people are found. Where are they? Terrible! )
I thank you so much again and I thank my family are all OK .
With all my Love,

Thank you, thank you,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Am 13.03.2011 um 13:42 schrieb Madoka Sugihara:

Thank you,Thank you,,,,,,,
We are all alive.
On that day, I felt quake.
I live in Gifu pref. and it is very far from the focus of the  earthquake.
But I am OK. My parents-in-law were sick. But they are OK.
My husband works Nagoya near Gifu. Nagoya is a center of Japan.
He felt  big quake . Many people near his office refuged.
Tokyo is far from it,too.
Ai works  for a hotel near the Houses of Parliament.
On that day, even in Tokyo, ceiling fell in and fires broke out in some areas.
Almost all the transportation  systems  in the capital were paralyzed.
So many people were walking to their home for some hours.
Ai could not go home on that day  and stayed  there.
Maki lives in Tsukuba near Tokyo.
Her apartment  became mess! Miserable.
The dishes were all broken.
She still have no water.(11-13)
She can not use gas.She is afraid.
Luckily she has no work on Saturday and Sunday.
She is still so busy cleaning her rooms now.
On Monday She will go to work. The ceiling of the office fell down. Still!
I am so sad now. I can not do anything for my daughters now.
Sad ,sad,,,,,
But my family are all OK.
Thank you very much for your kindness.
Thank you, thank you…………
Madoka with all my LOVE