The Friendly HoBos

My motivations to write Stories about the Friendly HoBos

The idea

uhubiga1b-72One day it came to my mind that coaching is not just a matter of trainers and therapeuts.  I tried to imagine how my childhood and youth would have changed with a good coach on my side.

Being an only child, I did my best to adapt to my surrounding. Nobody was able to promote my qualities and to help me to overcome my weak points.

Today, things became easier thanks to internet and increasing mobility but still it is hard in young age to find the „red thread“ in life. In later years, I found my way and now I enjoy my life and make my best our of it.

Funny Trainers

The friendly HoBos are peaceful und love making fun. They are smart and empathic and – they are natural coaches. In the very important life period of childhood and early youth – in most cases – we are not able to see our situation clearly and to realize and articulate our worries. What if there were little helpers – communicating, giving example in stories – and maybe, too, in songs or movies?

Using my skills

eichenfaun_bluemeIn the eighties and nineties I went through intensive training in NLP, conflict studies, mediation, human relations, body language, and behaviour studies.  I learned different massage and energetic methods and many kinds of Yoga. I was interested in philosophy, psychology and the wisdom of the Sufis and of the Far East.

I studied all great world religions and was thrilled by parapsycologic phenomena and energetic healing methods. My creative self, on the other hand, enjoyed education  and practice in all sorts of art – music, dance, theatre, writing, movie making…

All these influences and my professional experience in business and administration are my tools. And then… Last but not least my life with all ups and downs…

My dedication

I feel dedicated to positive story telling. At first glimpse, naive figures and naive stories. But with messages to encourage, to tranform problems, to accept, to find a way… The HoBos are trainers, coaches, therapeuts, creative instructors, all at once. But in an acetable way for kids.

In short: coaching for kids, piece by piece, story by story. Inspired by (good) NLP (thanks to an excellent institute in Vienna) and by countless other inspirations and most of all by my own creative self…

But not only for kids

These stories are not only meant for kids. They can be soothing and encouraging for people who were deeply hurt. Perhaps you know the term „inner child“. These stories may be helpful for children and for the „inner child“.

Not all stories are „straight“

Some stories are written spontaneously, without deliberating a special message, just for fun and entertainment. Some are more philosophical or have some motivating content. A third group is written with the background of typical coaching situations. They form a special series among the HoBo Stories.

Good vibes

The world loves good vibrations. Good music has a healing effect, and so do friendly stories. I removed all items from my house which would trigger bad memories or bad feelings. Why should we collect more and more horror and grieve in our minds and hearts? Life can be hard enough and gives us our daily lessons to learn, so why exposing to bad news, brutal movies and crime on TV? Besides boring shows and noisy promotion…

Even with an enormous reward to gain, I would refuse to write sad or aggressive texts with a bad or hopeless ending. It doesn’t feel good. Writing friendly stories makes so much fun. Maybe, very soon. my ittle stories might have positive effects here and there. And that means spreading more good vibes into the world…